Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hello blog-o-verse I'm back from an extended leave of absence which I apologize for. Life as you know happens. The good news is that you no longer have to sit and wonder if I have updated the blog today only to cry when you find out it didn't happen. I see you snorting at that scenario but I know your life felt empty without my impeccable insight on topics that drive your daily decisions. What makes this news even more joyful is that this blog is back and better than ever.

If you couldn't tell I've completely re-hauled and redesigned 'The Ramblings of a 20-Something' even going has far as renaming it 'Not Your Grandma's Librarian' (I found it more fitting and a lot more creative). In addition to the redesign I am shooting to post a new entry every other day, if not every day. That's right get excited- in fact go ahead and pop open some bubbly and celebrate.

Now that the formalities and apologizes are over (things I don't do well) I guess I should give you a preview about what's to come. So here it is:
-My Top 5 Holiday Movies
-A Letter to Arkansas Drivers (Yes that's right California you don't have the only shitty drivers).
-A review of Tron: Legacy (soooooo pumped for this movie. You may call me a dork or nerd I'll embrace the names with complete love).

And as always you can expect my witty commentary on an array of issues and observations.

Until next time my sweet readers (though I'm sure a few of you are secretly trying to take over the world).

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    And I LOVE the new blog title-- so creative! And fitting, haha!