Wednesday, October 20, 2010

31 Reasons Why Halloween is the $#!^

So I've been a horrible blogger lately. Well that's an understatement seeing how I haven't posted anything in over month but I've been busy so get over it and I promist to try to be better. I figure what better way to get out of my blogging slump than to discuss the wonderful joys of my favorite holiday ever, Halloween! No I'm not kidding and no I don't worship Satan- I just absolutely, positively, look forward to 365 days a year, love Halloween. Why do I think Halloween is the best holiday and not Christmas or Thanksgiving do you ask? Well let me tell you why with 31 reasons in honor of the 31st day of October (for those who are clueless October 31st is Halloween and just so you know you're dead to me now).

1. PUMPKINS!!!! I love pumpkins. I love carving them. I love looking at them lit up. I love their smell. I love going to pumpkin patches. I love that they are ORANGE (it's my favorite color). I love the fact when pumpkins are outside the spirit of Halloween is still around.
2. Fall- Halloween means fall is here and the trees are changing into their beautiful fall leaves. Fall is my favorite season so combining my favorite season with my favorite holiday is like icing on the cake to me. I don't get much happier than on Halloween when the fall air is nice and crisp and the leaves are beautiful warm colors.
3. Scary movies- I'm what you may call a movie addict. My collection is ginormous and contains a wide variety of movies, but my favorite genre by far is the Horror/Suspense genre. I love getting in bed, snuggling in the covers and watching my favorite horror films with the same anticipation as when I first saw them. I think it's like an aderaline rush or something but horror movies kind of make you feel alive because no matter how many times you ever seen them they always still find a way to scare you especially if you're watching them alone. Side note- favorite Halloween movie-Hocus Pocus & favorite scary move- tied between Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer (Kevin Williamson is a genius plus he created Pacey).
4. Decorations- Ok not gonna lie but this is probably my favorite part of Halloween. I love to decorate for holidays but especially Halloween. It's so bad that when I go to a residence I immediately envision how I could decorate the place for Halloween even if I don't live there! Decorations set up the amtosphere and spirit of holidays so to me they are the most important element.
5. I love Halloween because it's a day that you spend with friends and know you're going to have a good time. There is no pressure like with the rest of the holiday season with buying presents or making feasts. Halloween is just a day to relax, dress up, and have a grand ol' time without judgement because hello if you do something stupid you can always claim it's part of your costume persona :)
6.You get to eat a butt load of candy without people judging you. Though be forewarned you'll probably add on at least 12 lbs thanks to all those fun size Kit Kats and Dots- oh well everyone else will be in the same boat so wear those sweat pants proudly.
7. Charlie Brown TV special!
8. Carmel Apples (but only if they have nuts on them otherwise ew)
9. Dressing up in costumes
10. copious amounts of alcohol- though I haven't indulged in those type of amounts in a few years. Being hungover for 3 days is no beuno.
11. I get to wear as much as orange as I want without people assuming I'm an escaped convict.
12. Halloween themed Oreos- seriously they are the best tasting Oreos and I will argue that with anyone.
13. Pumpkin bread!
14. Haunted Houses
15. Cemeteries finally get their coolness respect- Yea I realize that it's weird but I think old cemeteries are pretty cool because of all the history they hold.
16. VAMPIRES- I love anything with vampires which is probably why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show ever and one of my favorite movies ever and this fascination probably has something to do with why I'm addicted to the CW's The Vampire Diaries.
17. Horror & Suspense books go on sale!- I'm a librarian so shut up about my nerdiness here.
18. Legend of Sleepy Hollow annual viewing on YouTube. Not talking about the Johnny Depp one. No I'm talking about the Disney cartoon version because it was the shit. Someone please buy it for me! K? Thanks.
19. Halloween music
20. Hay rides
21. Costume stores
22. Seeing lil kids dressed up as cute animals
23. Cool skull head flashlights to use in the dark
24. Fog machines
25. ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween
26. Knowing that Halloween marks the official start of the Holiday season
27. Get to scare the crap out of people on purpose with creative ways.
28. Trick or Treating
29. It's a day where murderers, cannibals, ghosts, and mummies can roam among us freely... As someones costume of course.
30. Because for the last 3 years I get to celebrate meeting my wonderful boyfriend on Halloween at a friend's party. See Halloween is magical! Screw you Valentine's Day!

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  1. Ah! This is such a fun list!!!! I agree with all of them!!!! Here are a few thoughts as I read~
    Fall. Oh, Dear fall =) I love it! Boots, sweaters, fireplaces, mmmm....
    Pacey! hehehe...
    PUMPKIN BREAD. OMG I LOVE IT. But for some reason I feel like I can't eat it until it's Fall, lol. Just doesn't seem right..
    Scary movies! I don't know how you do it! I get too freaked out, lol.
    Presents. Oh gosh I had never thought of this but it is SO NICE to not buy presents! Just having fun =)
    Skull head flashlight!! BLAST FROM THE PAST! I so had one of these from Oriental Trading Co., haha!!!!
    Halloween is definitely the $#*!. Just about having fun and being whoever you want for a night. I looooove dressing up in costume~ my mom teases me that I "stiiiill do," but I think I will always and forever dress up!!
    Holiday season~