Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can I pencil you in after House and TVD?

So it's that time again when TV network shows start up their new seasons and I for one am so ready. Why you might ask? Well I'm what you might call a TV or pop culture addict because you see TV is my escape where I can vicariously live through fictional TV characters week in and week out. Now don't think my life is scheduled around when my favorite shows come on... No thankfully with the advent of DVR I am able to be like a normal person and go out do things during prime time hours. Back in the day, and I'm not ashamed to admit this, Buffy and Dawson's Creek totally took priority over being social but when it wasn't possible to stay huddle in my bedroom watching my teen dramas on the WB I resorted to the ancient technology of VCRs and VHS tapes to catch up on my shows at a later time. Yes that's right I was my own DVR before DVR ever became popular. (Damn if only I would have patented the idea I could be a millionaire :))

In honor of the new TV season I'm going to list my top 5 returning shows, top 5 new shows I'm most looking forward to, and the top 5 greatest shows of all time that are no longer on the air.

First up, My Top 5 Returning Shows (no particular order):
1. House (FOX): The doctor I wish I had. Maybe it's because I was born a smartass but Dr. Gregory House (played by the ever handsome Hugh Laurie) is the quintessential non-bullshitter who'll tell you how it is whether you want to hear it or not. Honestly though this show is just amazingly written and so addicting with sharp dialogue, superb character evolution, and just the right amount of comedy thrown in to keep it from being to heavy and dark. Favorite season to date is season four and if you only watch two episodes watch House's Head and Wilson's Heart, the final two episodes of the fourth season for some of the greatest and most beautifully written television ever.
2. Fringe (FOX): An absolute genius and crazy show created by J.J. Abrams, you know the dude who created both Alias and Lost. Plus it has Pacey Witter aka Joshua Jackson. This show about "fringe" science which is science that seems impossible like traveling to alternate universes or using LSD to connect one person's mind to another person's brain frequencies. While the show might be rooted in the Sci-Fi realm the human element that the character's bring to the show is what makes it worthwhile. Give it a shot and trust me you won't be disappointed. Also did a I mention it has Joshua Jackson in it? See eye candy incentive right there.
3. The Vampire Diaries (CW): I love True Blood and the Twilight books are readable but definitely not literary masterpieces. The Vampire Diaries on the other hand is my fix for the void left by Buffy after it ended it's reign on the WB/UPN/CW (or whatever it is or was). I'm absolutely addicted to this show as it has just the right amount of vampire lore, gore, romance, drama,and comedy. Based on the book series of the same name Kevin Williamson as created another instant classic teen drama while doing what he does best: horror. Besides the skillfully created story lines that keep you wanting more, the actors are absolutely gorgeous making it easy to drool over your favorite character for the full hour. Maybe that's its only downfall- a too pretty of a cast.... Oh who am I kidding that's never a downfall.
4. Community (NBC): Favorite comedy hands down. Absolutely freaking hilarious. Joel McHale is a genius at his craft and with vets like Chevy Chase accompanying him this show is a gold mine. Best part of each of episode are the Troy and Abed endings which sometimes out do the episodes themselves. The must watch again and again and again episode is the paintball infused "Modern Warfare". Seriously just download it from iTunes and you'll thank me forever.
5. Friday Night Lights (NBC/DIRECTV): Arguably the best show ever on television. Coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tammy Taylor are the epitome of perfect. I could go on and on saying how much I love this show but you just won't understand the perfectness of it until you watch it. Luckily for you my readers it's now on ABC Family everyday in the afternoon so go set your DVRs now!... I'm waiting.... still waiting.... You do it finally? Good.

Honorable Mentions: Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and Glee. 5 spots is kinda short and these are all great comedies that should be checked out- I mean I'm still watching them.

Top 5 Most Anticipated New shows:
1. The Event (NBC): Basically I hoping this will be my new Lost like the Vampire Diaries is my new Buffy.
2. Lone Star (FOX): Set in my home state so I have to give it a shot just because of that. However any series that has a deceptive con-artist as it's protagonist who truly loves two different women and leads two different lives will always draw me in. What can I say I like underdogs even if they are a little slutty.
3. Hawaii Five-O (CBS): It has Jin from Lost in it- that's all the reason I needed to tune in. (Y'all seeing a pattern?)
4. Nikita (CW)- No real reason... The song in the previews gets stuck in my head so I have to just tune in because of that.
5. Boardwalk Empire (HBO)- I'm a sucker for HBO's Sunday Night programming. Even Paul Rudd knows the amazingness of HBO's Sunday Night Programming.................. (20 points to whoever got the reference to 'I Love You Man'.)

Top 5 Best TV Shows Ever that aren't on TV anymore:
1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer- seriously it was the best. I even dressed up as Buffy for Halloween so it's safe to say my obsession with the show was legit. In my mind every vampire show or movie just won't ever truly compare to the brilliance of Buffy. Plus it was obviously way ahead of the time which only gives me relief that I'm not a sheep and follow after everyone else into the modern day vampire craze.
2. LOST- When it ended this past May I felt like I lost one of my best friends. The 6 season show was by the most confusing and frustrating show ever created for television and as much as I tried not to obsess I had to know what happened to and with the characters every week. Plus after the second year you had to stick with it just to find out if they ever get off the damn island that had magical powers and polar bears.
3. Alias- Another J.J. Abrams show. Jennifer Gardner as Sydney Bristow made this spy drama what it was and what it was was just action-packed and amazing.
4. Dawson's Creek- Welcome to the world where teenage kids use large non-everyday SAT words in everyday conversation. This was the show that brought us Katie Holmes Pre-Tom Cruise, James Van Der Beek and his large forehead, Michelle Williams before turning indie, and brought back the ever adorable and lovable Joshua Jackson who was always dressed in Hawaiian print shirts despite living in Massachusetts. A true coming of age story with a disastrous season five thrown into the mix Dawson's Creek can totally define the 20-somethings',  like myself, generation.
5. Clarissa Explains it All- No not really but it's a true classic for sure and almost totally took the number 5 spot. But the real number five is the Gilmore Girls... you know the mother-daughter duo that loved pop culture and referenced it about as much as I do. Just check it out on ABC Family and you'll get addicted.

Honorable mentions: Northern Exposure, News Radio, Pickett Fences, Home Improvement, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Wild and Crazy Kids, and many others.

(I've noticed 3 of my top five are from the WB- must be because of my weakness for teen dramas. Nothing better than watching teens in a fictional setting with the perfect hair, body, and clothes trying to figure out their way through the chaos of life and high school.)

So now that I've given you my opinions on what to watch are you going to listen to me and watch any of the one's I mentioned or am I going to have to re-evaluate our writer/reader relationship?

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