Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't eat anything with eyes

No this is not a post informing you I've completely embraced my Austin, Texas hippy roots by becoming vegan. I do enjoy shopping and eating organically though and I love love love Whole Foods and Central Market but that's about as hippish as I get. What brings up my subject heading was that tonight I was watching the hilarious show 'The Big C' on Showtime and one of the characters who was invited over dinner informed Laura Linney that she "didn't eat anything with eyes."

Well of course this got me thinking about all food that previously had eyes before being butchered and cooked to eat. You know like salmon, cows, pigs, deer, and of course chickens. The subject of chickens led me to my current quandary about eggs and eyes. I mean obviously eggs don't have eyes but chicks who do have eyes are hatched from eggs so I started wondering if this character and anyone who uses this rule in real life eat eggs. My thoughts on this mind perplexing subject are that since the egg and its contents don't possess any judgy eyes to condemn my carnivorous choices then this character could certainly eat eggs all day long and never break their rule. I'm sure there will be many others who would argue against this logic but hey its the way my brain works. Of course this could be my own selfish rationalization so that I can continue to indulge in my love for omelets, especially the T-Rex from Magnolia Cafe, without feeling guilty about eating an innocent little chick yolk who would never grow up to form its own pair of judgy eyes. Plus this way those crazy people who don't eat anything with eyes can also enjoy the wonderment of omelets from time to time too.

Geez now I've made myself hungry and I think an omelet is calling my name.


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  1. Hahaha I love this!
    Good timing, too-- I was recently wondering about the whole vegan thing (Lea Michele from Glee is a vegan, and looks amazing!) but I just don't think I could do it... I love eggs and cheese too much.. and meat! Love some meat. Just don't think I could be vegan, lol.
    But the egg thing is interesting! Some people are probably whiney that it inherently has eyes because it -came- from something with eyes.. but I'd argue against it. Because nothing beats scrambled eggs for breakfast 0:)