Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When I grow up I'm going to be....

I'm back again and this time I'm not entertaining you with my adventures that I experience inside my car. Don't cry though at this turn of events because I'm sure Alty and I will provide you more entertaining thoughts in the future but right now Alty's resting. Anyway today I started my last semester of grad school for my Masters of Library and Information Science which should fill me with unadulterated joy; however, I'm filled with dread of becoming an actual adult on December 9th so my plan right now is to find another way to postpone that milestone for at least another year. I'm currently think maybe a MA in Education to become a teacher because let's face it I'd be a pretty kickass teacher. Plus those kids would leave my class at the end of the year perfect angels because this girl takes no bull from anyone.

Sure you're probably thinking I have a Peter Pan complex but I don't. I just enjoy school  and learning is that really so hard to believe?... Ok I admit for like 95% of the population that is hard to believe but I just think I'm probably hell of a lot more book smart than most of you. Notice I didn't include having more common sense or street smarts than most of the population because I'm not that naive about myself. I admit it openly and freely I have a ton of blond moments in life but I guess you got to give and take in the intelligence areas. Anyway this is beside the point and I'm getting off topic of what I want to talk about tonight- JOBS.

Don't worry this isn't going to be some pity party about me whining about how I don't know what I want to do in my life (even though I have NO clue whatsoever- don't judge). Instead because of my pending graduation I've been thinking about all my career aspirations that have led me to where I am today. There's been the doctor, the stay at home mom, lawyer (which was the plan for many YEARS), publicist, sports agent, teacher, book editor, fashion designer, archivist, librarian (maybe)- you get the gist. Though I must admit I never wanted to be astronaut- those folks are absolutely nuts for wanting to be strapped in a rocket and shot into outer space where you'd EXPLODE not suffocate without protective gear and housing. Not even with my internship at NASA changed my mind on that one.

However probably the first job I ever wanted and would still like to have one day if ever possible by technology or magic is to be She-Ra. If you don't know who She-Ra is you have to leave this blog immediately because I disown you as a friend, reader, and/or family member. She-Ra is seriously one badass bitch. Check her out:

Honestly what would be better than being a Princess by day and a crime fighting super-hero by night who possesses superhuman strength and owns a Pegasus aka flying horse with rainbow feathered wings called Swift Wind. The best part is that I'd get to own a magical sword that transformed me into She-Ra by holding it up in the air and reciting a little saying about Castle Grayskull. Ok I admit I might look a little ridiculous doing the last part but still everything else would be awesome. I seriously can't think of a downside of being She-Ra for a living.... Oh wait, I'd have to have He-Man as a brother and I can't even begin to think of how I'd explain his knee high fur boots and matching furry Speedo with belt and straps to friends or significant others. On second thought I think I might just stick to being a librarian or teacher... you know real super heroes in disguise.

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