Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sorry what does that say? I can't read cursive.

Two blog posts in one day?! Yes, it’s a sign that the apocalypse is coming… Or I’m just super annoyed about some shit and feel the need to rant on my blog about it because I think people will actually take time out of their day to read what I think (it’s ok if you don’t I don’t hate you… well yes I do but I still forgive you). So you must be wondering what the hell has me so annoyed that I felt the need to blog again today and not at my normal month and a half interval? Cursive, that’s what. Yes I’m talking about the loopy style of writing that can look like a work of art sometimes. But what about cursive is annoying me, well it’s the fact that under the new Common Core State Standards for English, which has been adopted by forty-one states, allows cursive to be dropped from the curricula. I’ll wait a few moments so you may pick your jaw up from the floor.

I know, I know- I was shocked too. I mean fucking come on America, really? I’ve actually been aware of this for a while now but only recently has it been able to fester within me enough to get me to blog about this fucking ridiculous move. Some states have re-included cursive writing in their state curricula (yay California and Massachusetts); while others have let it fall off (I’m looking at you Georgia with an evil glare). The argument for the drop, at least in GA, is that teaching cursive is time-consuming and that keyboarding is a more necessary skill to devote time and resources too. I have one thing to say about this-SHUT THE FUCK UP! Cursive is taught to expedite the process of writing, so you know you don’t have to take time to write out everything in print letters. And of course it’s time consuming to teach because it’s teaching a new skill, you dumbshits. Math is time consuming too- I vote we eliminate teaching that as well since we all have electronic calculators now. Excuse me since I thought education was about teaching knowledge and skills to help create an informed and useful citizen. I didn’t know the process was supposed to be quick and simple. I guess I should be pissed at my third grade teacher Mrs. Beane for taking time to teach me how to read and write cursive… oh and to sign my damn name. I guess she should have focused that time on something else like basket weaving or graphics design on the pc. But instead I’d like to thank you Mrs. Beane for teaching me cursive-it’s proved useful and highly necessary in the later part of my life. Some examples? Signing my name on any piece of paper, reading primary source documents for research papers, and you know when I’m perusing the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in my free time.

Still it floors me that some states are doing away with teaching this skill because they see teaching typing and technology skills to be much more important. Yes, those skills are important but you can do both. I’m living example of that and I do it all at expert levels. I understand that they think the pen and paper is going to become obsolete in the future and perhaps it might (ok probably will) but we aren’t there yet. Apparently these morons have watched Minority Report and other Sci-Fi flicks one too many times. Pen and paper are still highly used methods of writing and an important component of this method is writing in cursive and by eliminating cursive writing in school is a DISERVICE to our youth. What does this mean? Basically we’re creating a society of cursive-illiterate idiots who won’t be able to read the original Declaration of Independence document or even their great-grandparents and grandparents journals/recipes/notes let alone sign their own fucking name. Oh wait I forget it doesn’t matter because the Declaration of Independence will be transcribed into a digital format (it already has but that’s not the point) and your signature will become your thumbprint or something sci-fi-ish. Until we get to the point where pen and paper are no longer methods of communication and binding legal agreements cursive should be a mandatory skill taught in schools you fucking morons.

What's your thoughts on eliminating cursive in school? Pro  or against? Leave your comments in the comments section!

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